Download Dynamic Wave Surface Freeware

CSPH  v.1.0

This project aims to develop the compression SPH code can deal with the multi-phase surface motion problem. The code can simulate the wave surface tracking, wave breaking and wave interaction with structure.

Luxand Wave FX  v.1.0

Shoot realistic underwater video clips with free wave plugin for Adobe After Effects! Wave FX adds realistic wave effect to videos in just a couple of clicks. Simulate different liquids with various opacity, viscosity, surface tension and inertia.

POVRay patch for extern implicit surface  v.1.0

Patched POV-Ray, which allows add to scene new object eisosurface - implicit surface defined in extern dynamic library. Systems: Windows, Linux. Martin Manduch

Real Time Free Surface Solver (RTFSS)  v.rc.1.1

A Fast MAC based 3D Free surface fuid solver. Capable also of simulating viscoelastic fluids.Includes also wave equation solver for simulating shallow water

River Past Wave@MP3  v.3.6.9

River Past Wave@MP3 is a FREE WAV to MP3, and MP3 to WAV converter. It is extremely easy to use. Select the input file, and click "Convert", that's it! Convert your WAVE files to put on your portable MP3 player, or convert your MP3 files for CD.

Wave MP3 Editor Classic  v.11.5

Wave MP3 Editor Classic: complete wave editor and recorder. Wave Editor makes editing WAV files as easy as editing text with its clear user interface and powerful effects. Our wave form editing window allows you to find the part you want to edit quick.

CrossGL Surface Calculator  v.1.10

Surface computing Calculator and Currency convertor desktop gadget with 360- UI. You can freely rotate and scale the calculator. Move mouse over one of the gadget corners to reveal the scaling and rotation controls. Calculator can run in background

Free Dynamic DNS Client  v.2.0

Free Dynamic DNS Client 2.0 is a program operating like a system service. It supports IP detection methods. You'll find all the features of the pay clients in this handy and free IP update utility. Manage your domains easily, and turn your dynamic IP

IntelliScore MP3 to WAVE Converter  v.1.0

DOS utility to convert MP3 files to WAVE files. Unzip it, open the Command Prompt, change to the folder where you stored our mp3towav.exe utility, then type "mp3towav" at the prompt for usage instructions. This is the same utility used by

Minimal Surface Editor  v.1.0

Minimal Surface Editor is a small and easy to use application written in Java that allows you to construct discrete minimal surfaces from the combinatorics of their curvature lines. It features a simple and comprehensive interface that gives you

Dynamic Auto Painter  v.2.5.5

Dynamic Auto-Painter was developed to be a fun to use software to automatically turn a photo or a 3D rendering into great looking painting inspired by some of the most famous real world artists. Dynamic Auto-Painter can work also as a great feedback

Dynamic Keyboard  v.1.01

Dynamic Keyboard is a small, simple, easy to use software specially designed to offer users an on-screen keyboard which allows you to type using your computer and an input device such as a joystick, trackball, mouse, single switch, among others. As

CrossGL Surface Clock  v.1.00

Surface computing Clock desktop gadget with 360A° UI. You can freely rotate and scale the clock. Move mouse over one of the gadget corners to reveal the scaling and rotation controls. You can also enable nice background animations and adjust level

Wave Repair  v.4.9.3

The Wave Repair application was developed to be a tool for the restoration of WAV files that were recorded from vinyl records. It can also be used to process recordings made from tapes, but its restoration features are intended mainly for records.

Wave Corrector  v.3.7

Aimed at both the casual user and the serious archivist, Wave Corrector is a true WYSIWYG waveform corrector which automatically removes clicks and hiss from vinyl and tape/cassette recordings. Correction artefacts are kept to a very low level by

Dynamic DNS Updater  v.1. 3. 2002

Dynamic DNS Updater has multiple help sections. Like Forum and step by step wiki pages. It is currently being used world

Wave Simulation  v.1.2.0

UPDATED VERSION ON GITHUB! This is a physically correct simulation of waves on a surface, for example water-waves. It can also be used to simulate Microwaves, and has features like the support for different refraction

New Wave  v.0.3.7

New Wave is a Firefox theme that better integrates the popular New Wave GTK theme into Mozilla's Firefox Web Browser.

Dynamic Ubuntu Sun  v.0.1

Dynamic Ubuntu Sun is a version of Ubuntu Sun that changes depending on time of day.

Dynamic SpotAction Tool  v.1.0

Dynamic SpotAction tool is designed for System Administrators to gather "Any" information from remote computers form based on the availability of Dynamic Packs for Dynamic SpotAction Tool.

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