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Dynamic Copyright It!  v.1.0

Dynamic Copyright It! is a tool that allows you to add copyright notices on-the-fly directly onto your images without any fussing around in image editors. You can either use the program yourself, or add it to your web sites to add functionality.

Dynamic Currency Conversion by preCharge  v.1.0

Increase your international user base instantly. preCharge offers Dynamic Currency Conversion for your website. You can now instantly give your customers the ability to convert any price on your website to their home currency.

Dynamic DBTreeView  v.1.5

Dynamic DBTreeView controls are based on Virtual TreeView control. They are using clone dataset for internal data manipulation when dynamically building tree nodes and a binary search list for detecting existing nodes.

Ford Cars Dynamic Screensaver  v.1

Ford Dynamic Screensaver with calendar and time

Dynamic Date Generator  v.1.00

The Dynamic Date Generator software will allow you to easily create, generate and add a dynamic date (including month, date & year) to the HTML code of your sales letters. In addition, you'll be able to change the font color and font face to match

Dynamic Playlist Creator  v.1.3

Dynamic Playlist Creator is a free application, which can be used for effective and simple music management. It has many features such like MP3 tags editor and ability to create own lyrics database. However the most important feature is music tracks

Dynamic Design  v.1.1

Dynamic Design is an IDE solution for quick and easy creation of C# Windows Forms applications. FeaturesVisual Editor in design process Source code autocomplete Compatible with Visual Studio

4-Dynamic Web  v.2.1

4-Dynamic Web 2.1 brings you a helpful tool which creates your dynamic Web site even without any technical experience. Automatic creation of the necessary pages for the user's registration, lost password, log-in form, ajax slide-show,news page with

CD MP3 WAVE Ripper Encoder Decoder  v.1.04

Grab or Rip CD. Convert CD, WAV to MP3 and Convert MP3 to CD, WAVE.It can grab CD and convert it into MP3 files directly. It converts WAVE to MP3 or MP3 to WAVE. It is also a music player, it plays CD, MP3 or WAV

Dynamic IP Refresher  v.1

Dynamic IP Refresher 1 gives you the power to quickly refresh your Dynamic DNS on a network. It saves you the hassle of typing in each individual command. This program is entirely

Dynamic Operator Name  v.7.7

Dynamic Operator Name 7.7 is a smart program designed to monitor your bill using USSD, and show your current balance instead of the operator name. It is very popular in Russia.Requirement: M6 -

Mail Dynamic Signature Fix  v.2.0.27

Mail Dynamic Signature Fix 2.0.27 is a widget to repair a bug in Apples present since 10.4.0. This unofficial patch restores the ability to modify email signatures via AppleScript.Enhancements: Rewritten as a mail bundle in pure

Overhead Wave Match Maker  v.1

Overhead Wave Match Maker 1 is created to be a simple and effective program which can find similar sounding samples in a user selected source wave file (songs, compilation) and save the result to a wave file. Good for people trying to build samples

Scratching the Surface  v.1.0

Scratching the Surface 1.0 is designed as a great screen-saver which includes

Surface Explorer 3D  v.2.0

Plots explicit, implicit, or parametric mathematical surfaces in 3D. Surface and color equations are specified by user. Export to clipboard, VRML, POV, DXF,

Wave Killer  v.2.0

Wave Killer allows you to search through a directory, listen to waves and optionally delete them, if you want. It wont allow you to edit, rename or save the *.wav files to a different directory. Not a heck of a lot from the appearance end.. but its

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